PME Volume 12, Issue 1

January 2023 - jaargang 58

Het tijdschrift publiceert sinds 2012 één doorlopend deel (volume) en nummer (issue) per jaar. Artikelen worden beschikbaar gesteld zodra ze klaar zijn om onnodige vertragingen bij het openbaar maken van de inhoud te voorkomen.

Artikelen in deze editie

Expanding Interdisciplinarity: A Bibliometric Study of Medical Education Using the Medical Education Journal List-24 (MEJ-24)
  • AuteursAnthony R. Artino Jr.Anton B. NinkovJason R. FrankJoseph A. CostelloLauren A. Maggio
How Does a Group Reflection Intervention (Schwartz Rounds) Work within Healthcare Undergraduate Settings? A Realist Review
  • AuteursCath TaylorDuncan HamiltonJill Maben
Intersectionality in Medical Education: A Meta-Narrative Review
  • AuteursDivya SanthanamJaveed SukheraMaham Rehman
Teaching AI Ethics in Medical Education: A Scoping Review of Current Literature and Practices
  • AuteursLukas WeidenerMichael Fischer
Beyond the Written Reflection: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Synthesis of Creative Approaches to Reflective Learning Amongst Medical Students
  • AuteursHannah WoodallJanani PinidiyapathirageWeng Joe ChuaWilliam MacAskill
Educational Interventions for Medical Students to Improve Pharmacological Knowledge and Prescribing Skills: A Scoping Review
  • AuteursBrett VaughanHelen QinLouisa NgWeiwei Shi
What about Happiness? A Critical Narrative Review with Implications for Medical Education
  • AuteursFabienne SchwitzJacqueline TortiLorelei Lingard
Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development for Physicians – Time for Change: A Scoping Review
  • AuteursDonny LiElizabeth StellrechtFaran KhalidLouise AllenMichelle HowardShera HosseiniTeresa M. Chan
What can Designing Learning-by-Concordance Clinical Reasoning Cases Teach Us about Instruction in the Health Sciences?
  • AuteursBernard CharlinHaifa AkremiLise LecoursMarie-France DeschênesNicolas FernandezVincent Jobin
Diversity Awareness in Medical Education: An Innovative Training with Visual Reflection Tools
  • AuteursBenedicte De WinterKatrien BombekeLiesbeth VerpootenWinny Ang
Preparing Medical and Nursing Students for Interprofessional Feedback Dialogues
  • AuteursClaudia TielemansEmy van der Valk - BoumanMarieke van der SchaafRenske de KleijnSjoukje van den Broek
Developing Simulated and Virtual Patients in Psychological Assessment – Method, Insights and Recommendations
  • AuteursBartosz ZalewskiMaciej WalkiewiczMateusz Guziak
Leading change from within: student-led reforms to advance anti-racism within medical education
  • AuteursPamela RoachPriatharsini SivananthajothyTyler S. WarnockEmailWhitney Ereyi-Osas
Quality of Narratives in Assessment: Piloting a List of Evidence-Based Quality Indicators
  • AuteursAnn GraillonChristina St-OngeEmailKathleen OuelletMarianne XhignesseMolk ChakrounValérie DésiletsVincent R. Dion
Utilizing Natural Language Processing of Narrative Feedback to Develop a Predictive Model of Pre-Clerkship Performance: Lessons Learned
  • AuteursBrigid M. DolanCelia Laird O’BrienChristina MaimoneMarianne M. GreenPatricia M. GarciaSandra M. Sanguino
Co-creation to Develop Interventions to Facilitate Deep Reflection for Dental Students
  • AuteursAmie SmithFaith CampbellHelen RogersHelen WilsonJulia Ridsdill-SmithKhalil JiwaKirsten JackNicole Hassoon
Contradictions and Opportunities: Reconciling Professional Identity Formation and Competency-Based Medical Education
  • AuteursNatasha Khursigara SlatteryOlle ten CateRichard L. CruessRobert SternszusStanley J. HamstraYvonne Steinert
Developing Computerized Adaptive Testing for a National Health Professionals Exam: An Attempt from Psychometric Simulations
  • AuteursHaiying LiangJinying OuyangLingling XuYuting HanZhehan Jiang
Representation in Health Professions Education: Striving for an Inclusive Health Professions Education Community
  • AuteursHalah IbrahimZakia Dimassi
Framework and Schema are False Synonyms: Defining Terms to Improve Learning
  • AuteursAndrew P.J. OlsonAndrew S. ParsonsJessica J. DreicerJoseph J. RencicScott SternTony Joudi
It Takes a Village: Optimal Graduate Medical Education Requires a Deliberately Developmental Organization
  • AuteursDaniel J. SchumacherJoshua NaglerKelsey A. MillerMargaret WolffMartin V. Pusic
Building Resilient Healthcare Teams: Insights from Analogy to the Social Biology of Ants, Honey Bees and Other Social Insects
  • AuteursGraham ThompsonSayra Cristancho
TRainee Attributable & Automatable Care Evaluations in Real-time (TRACERs): A Scalable Approach for Linking Education to Patient Care
  • AuteursBenjamin KinnearDaniel J. SchumacherEduardo IturrateEric J. WarmHolly A. Caretta-WeyerJesse Burk-RafelJoshua JiangMatthew KelleherSally A. SantenStefanie S. Sebok-Syer
Case-Informed Learning in Medical Education: A Call for Ontological Fidelity
  • AuteursAnna MacLeodOlga KitsPaula CameronSarah BurmSimon FieldStephen MillerVictoria LuongWendy A. Stewart
“Dismantling Fixed Time, Variable Outcome Education: Abandoning ‘Ready or Not, Here they Come’ is Overdue”
  • AuteursAlison LentzCarol CarraccioDaniel J. Schumacher
Will ChatGPT’s Free Language Editing Service Level the Playing Field in Science Communication?: Insights from a Collaborative Project with Non-native English Scholars
  • AuteursChristina St-OngeFrancisco Olmos-VegaFury MaulinaJennifer KlasenLorelei LingardMadawa ChandritilakeMerel de Heer
Writing with ChatGPT: An illustration of its capacity, limitations & implications for academic writers
  • AuteursLorelei Lingard
The Art of Revising
  • AuteursChris Watling
Metacommentary: Identifying and Mastering ‘Dear Reader’ Moments
  • AuteursLorelei Lingard
Guidelines: The Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows of Creating Open Educational Resources
  • AuteursDaniel K. TingFaran KhalidMary R. C. HaasMichael J. BrennerMichael WuTeresa M. ChanYoung-Min KimYusuf Yilmaz
It is Challenging to Shift the Norm: Exploring how to Anticipate and Address Microaggressions in Clinical Learning Environments
  • AuteursJaveed SukheraJustin BullockTess M. Atkinson
Automating the Identification of Feedback Quality Criteria and the CanMEDS Roles in Written Feedback Comments Using Natural Language Processing
  • AuteursLoic De LangheMartin ValckeMieke EmboOrphée De ClercqSofie Van OstaeyenTammy Schellens
Twitter as a Mechanism of Knowledge Translation in Health Professions Education: An Exploratory Content Analysis
  • AuteursAliki ThomasAndré BussièresCatherine M. GirouxConchita SaldanhaLauren A. Maggio
An Analysis of Written and Numeric Scores in End-of-Rotation Forms from Three Residency Programs
  • AuteursAra TekianDeborah EdbergKatherine M. WrightKathleen RowlandLauren M. AndersonYoon Soo Park
Examining the Effect of Virtual Learning on Canadian Pre-Clerkship Medical Student Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • AuteursAsaanth SivajohanChristopher WatlingJoshua JesinMajid GasimNikita Ollen-Bittle
Effectiveness of Life Goal Framing to Motivate Medical Students During Online Learning: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • AuteursAdam G. GavarkovsErin MillerJeff CrukleyKulamakan KulasegaramRashmi A. KusurkarRyan Brydges
Feedback that Lands: Exploring How Residents Receive and Judge Feedback During Entrustable Professional Activities
  • AuteursJoshua MehtaNatasha SheikhRupal ShahRyan Brydges
Virtues in Competency-Based Assessment Frameworks: A Text Analysis
  • AuteursA. Stef GroenewoudFrank J. A. van den HoogenJ. J. (Jos) KolePleuntje M. B. Verstegen
Using Self-Regulated Learning Microanalysis to Examine Regulatory Processes in Clerkship Students Engaged in Practice Questions
  • AuteursAllison O. WindelsAnthony R. Artino Jr.Catherine A. OkuliarDavid S. OliverDeborah A. TopolElexis C. McBeeH. Carrie ChenJed P. MangalJeffrey S. LaRochelleKent J. DeZeeManesh G. NachnaniMary A. AndrewsMichael T. SteinPaul A. HemmerRaj C. SingarajuSam W. GaoSean A. WheltonStacy R. KruseSteven J. DurningTimothy J. ClearyTing DongWilliam F. Kelly
Perspective-Taking and Perspective-Sharing in Pediatric Education: Exploring Connections Between Strategies of Medical Students and Patients’ Caregivers
  • AuteursJ. FrenkelL. BatenM. C. L. EijkelboomEmailM. F. van der SchaafR. A. M. de Kleijn
What Stops Fairness from Emerging in Assessment? The Forces on a Complex Adaptive System
  • AuteursErnst Michael ShanahanLambert SchuwirthNyoli ValentineSteven J. Durning
Fairness in Assessment: Identifying a Complex Adaptive System
  • AuteursErnst Michael ShanahanLambert SchuwirthNyoli ValentineSteven J. Durning
Navigating Challenging Conversations: The Interplay Between Inquiry and Knowledge Drives Preparation for Future Learning
  • AuteursAngela OrsinoAnne A. KawamuraLeah BrownMaria MylopoulosMohammad S. Zubairi
Combining Support and Assessment in Health Professions Education: Mentors’ and Mentees’ Experiences in a Programmatic Assessment Context
  • AuteursEline VanasscheErik W. DriessenLianne M. LoosveldMattias TheysPascal W. M. Van Gerven
Stakes of Assessments in Residency: Influence on Previous and Current Self-Regulated Learning and Co-Regulated Learning in Early Career Specialists
  • AuteursBreana ChamIndra GanesanJamiu O. BusariPim W. Teunissen
Burnout in International Medical Graduate Trainees in the United Kingdom Compared to Domestic Medical Graduate Trainees. Analysis of Data from the GMC’s National Training Survey in 2019 and 2021
  • AuteursConal MulhollandJohn GardnerMo Al-Haddad
What does “Timely” Mean to Residents? Challenging Feedback Assumptions in Postgraduate Education
  • AuteursAlyssa LipChristopher J. WatlingShiphra Ginsburg
A Qualitative Study on How Entrustable Professional Activities Support Medical Students in Their Transitions across Clerkships
  • AuteursAnne E. BremerCornelia R. M. G. FluitLarissa I. A. RuczynskiMarjolein H. J. van de PolPetra Bot
The Use of Art Observation Interventions to Improve Medical Students’ Diagnostic Skills: A Scoping Review
  • AuteursAnjali MehtaSteven Agius
Patients as Feedback Providers: Exploring Medical Students’ Credibility Judgments
  • AuteursC. D. N. MaljaarsJ. FrenkelM. C. L. EijkelboomM. F. van der SchaafR. A. M. de KleijnW. J. M. van Diemen
Technology Complements Physical Examination and Facilitates Skills Development among Health Sciences Clerkship Students: An Integrative Literature Review
  • AuteursJ. LeesL. SweetM. BearmanT. Risor
Upward Feedback: Exploring Learner Perspectives on Giving Feedback to their Teachers
  • AuteursCary CuncicErik DriessenKatherine WisenerKevin EvaKimberlee HartKiran Veerapen
Exploring Medical Students’ Learning Around Uncertainty Management Using a Digital Educational Escape Room: A Design-based Research Approach
  • AuteursDara CassidyHarold BokJan IllingJenny MoffettMarco Antonio de Carvalho FilhoNaoise Collins
The Role of Religious Culture in Medical Professionalism in a Muslim Arab Society
  • AuteursAra TekianHarold G. KoenigHaythum O. TayebLorelei LingardMukhtiar Baig
Learning in Tension: A Case Study Examining What Internal Medicine Residents Learn in the Ambulatory Care Setting
  • AuteursDavid C. ThomasFrank WJM. SmeenkJanneke M. FrambachPim W. TeunissenTamara Goldberg
Strategic Paragraphing 2.0: Techniques for Enhancing Inter-Paragraph Coherence
  • AuteursLorelei LingardYang Yann Foo
How to Grow a Professional Identity: Philosophical Gardening in the Field of Medical Education
  • AuteursAnne de la CroixMario Veen
Understanding and Embracing Culture in International Faculty Development
  • AuteursRashmi VyasSara Mortaz HejriWilliam P. BurdickYvonne Steinert

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