Representation in Health Professions Education: Striving for an Inclusive Health Professions Education Community

Halah Ibrahim
Zakia Dimassi
Soort article
Eye Opener
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Author representation and inclusivity in health professions education (HPE) scholarship is receiving increasing attention in academic medicine, with multiple articles calling for greater equity related to gender, geographic, and institutional affiliations. Despite journal efforts to seek diversity, authors from high-income English-speaking countries are the most highly represented in HPE scholarship. Less attention, however, has been focused on the openness of medical education scholars, themselves, to engaging in international collaborations with authors and institutions from low-and-middle income countries. This eye-opener is inspired by the authors’ personal experiences in HPE scholarship from an international medical educator perspective and advocates for the creation of an open and inclusive multinational medical education community. We offer suggestions that can help create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and promoting a sense of belonging among HPE scholars worldwide. As researchers, journal editors and associate editors, and faculty in HPE programs, we can work together to create a welcoming and accommodating environment that embraces non-dominant voices and perspectives, with the ultimate goal of achieving diversity and equity in HPE scholarship.


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