Stakes of Assessments in Residency: Influence on Previous and Current Self-Regulated Learning and Co-Regulated Learning in Early Career Specialists

Breana Cham
Indra Ganesan
Jamiu O. Busari
Pim W. Teunissen
Soort article
Original Research
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Introduction: Assessments drive learning but the influence of the stakes of the assessments on self-regulated (SRL) during and after residency are unknown. As early career specialists (ECS) must continue learning independently, the answer to this is important as it may inform future assessments with the potential to promote life-long learning after graduation.

Methods: We utilized constructivist grounded theory to explore the perspectives of eighteen ECS on the influence of stakes of assessments within residency on their SRL during training and in current practice. We conducted semi-structured interviews.

Results: We initially set out to examine the influence of the stakes of assessments on SRL during residency and after graduation. However, it was apparent that learners increasingly engaged with others in co-regulated learning (CRL) as the perceived stakes of the assessments increased. The individual learner’s SRL was embedded in CRL in preparation for the various assessments in residency. For low-stakes assessments, the learner engaged in less CRL, taking less cues from others. As stakes increased, the learner engaged in more CRL with peers with similar intellectual level and supervisors to prepare for these assessments. SRL and CRL influenced by assessments in residency had a knock-on effect in clinical practice as ECS in: 1) developing clinical reasoning, 2) improving doctor-patient communication and negotiation skills, and 3) self-reflections and seeking feedback to deal with expectations of self or others.

Discussion: Our study supported that the stakes of assessments within residency reinforced SRL and CRL during residency with a continued effect on learning as ECS.


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