Diversity Awareness in Medical Education: An Innovative Training with Visual Reflection Tools

Benedicte De Winter
Katrien Bombeke
Liesbeth Verpooten
Winny Ang
Soort article
Show and Tell
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Dealing with a diverse population is one of the most challenging topics in medicine, with consequences for health disparities as evidenced by poorer health of marginalised groups. An urgent need exists to build a diversity-responsive curriculum in medical education. At the core of such a curriculum are experiential learning and a focus on self-awareness and reflexivity via small group trainings. This Show and Tell paper describes the development and qualitative evaluation of such a training, that was implemented at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, presenting answers to some of the gaps and challenges described in the literature. This training is guided by three visual reflection tools – the kaleidoscope, the iceberg and the communication compass – to inspire learners on how to deal with the diversity of their future patients. The content, method, and educational aim of this hands-on training are described. We discuss some of the challenges the educational methods pose on reflexivity and awareness, looking at the lessons learned based on participants’ feedback. While the visual reflection tools offer a dynamic space to broaden the way we look at patients, it remains imperative to create a safe environment for discussing tensions, sharing difficult topics and being aware of different voices. Taking time (space for discussion, small groups, training of faculty) and allowing for continuous reflection of the educators are key in the development of diversity-responsive education.


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