The organic formation of a wellness committee: A unique, student-led approach to implementing a wellness program in medical school

Daniel Peters
Irtiqa Fazili
Mallie Dennis
Mary McBride
Mary Virginia Portera
Michael J. Herr
Michael R. Brunner
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Medical student wellness,
Student-led programming,
Wellness programs,
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Background Medical school wellness programs are rapidly becoming a prevalent feature of medical education. The wellness component of medical education is addressed by a multitude of different approaches, but is often led by administrative faculty rather than students.

Approach The first-year medical student authors collectively established a medical school wellness committee that is entirely student-driven. The goal of the wellness committee was to organize and promote student ideas centered on six aspects of wellness.

Evaluation The formation, initial successes, and hurdles to the inception and continuation of the committee are described in a repeatable way.

Reflection This perspective provides insight into a student-led innovation that was formally accepted by faculty and administration to serve as part of the university’s overall wellness initiatives.


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