The Massive Online Needs Assessment (MONA) to inform the development of an emergency haematology educational blog series

Andrew W. Shih
Brent Thoma
Calvin Yeh
David Jo
Eric K. Tseng
Kerstin de Wit
Lana A. Castellucci
Teresa M. Chan
Vinai C. Bhagirath
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Show and Tell
Free open access medical education (FOAM),
Needs assessment,
Online educational resources,
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Background Online educational resources are criticized as being teacher-centred, failing to address learner’s needs. Needs assessments are an important precursor to inform curriculum development, but these are often overlooked or skipped by developers of online educational resources due to cumbersome measurement tools. Novel methods are required to identify perceived and unperceived learning needs to allow targeted development of learner-centred curricula.

Objectives To evaluate the feasibility of performing a novel technique dubbed the Massive Online Needs Assessment (MONA) for the purpose of emergency haematology online educational curricular planning, within an online learning community (affiliated with the Free Open Access Medical education movement).

Methods An online survey was launched on using an embedded Google Forms survey. Participants were recruited using the study website and a social media campaign (utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and a poster) targeting a specific online community. Web analytics were used to monitor participation rates in addition to survey responses.

Results The survey was open from 20 September to 10 December 2016 and received 198 complete responses representing 6 medical specialties from 21 countries. Most survey respondents identified themselves as staff physicians (n = 109) and medical trainees (n = 75). We identified 17 high-priority perceived needs, 17 prompted needs, and 10 topics with unperceived needs through our MONA process.

Conclusions A MONA is a feasible, novel method for collecting data on perceived, prompted, and unperceived learning needs to inform an online emergency haematology educational blog.


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