Problems of problem-based learning: Towards transformative critical pedagogy in medical education

Alice Cavanagh
Meredith Vanstone
Stacey Ritz
Soort article
Eye Opener
Critical pedagogy,
Problem-based learning,
Undergraduate medical education,
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Problem-based medical education is based in a biomedical worldview that works to entrench deterministic ways of thinking about socioculturally-influenced health disparities in the minds of medical trainees. This perspective paper considers the utility of Paolo Freire’s critical pedagogy as a means of redressing this issue, as it may enable medical learners to perceive and address the social sources of illness that shape their patients’ lives. With an eye to advancing health equity, and educating health professionals who are responsive to marginalized and vulnerable communities, this paper considers how a problem-posing medical education could redefine physicians’ relationships to knowledge, identity, and to their patients.


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