Gender and sex: issues in medical education

T. Lagro-Janssen
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Undergraduate Medical Education
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There is ample scientific evidence to support the importance of gender issues in health and illness. If we fail to take such sex and gender differences sufficiently into account, this will affect the quality of health care provided to men and women, and this is precisely what good medical education means to prevent. In this paper examples are given that show how knowledge, attitudes and skills relating to sex and gender can be implemented in both optional and compulsory courses. Next, factors that can facilitate or impede the implementation of gender specific medical education are described. Finally, the author discusses what needs to be done to educate future physicians that are equipped with appropriate expertise to deal with aspects of gender in medicine. (Lagro-Janssen T. Gender and sex: issues in medical education. Netherlands Journal of Medical Education 2010;29(1):48–53)


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