Speciality interests and career calling to medicine among first-year medical students

Nicole J. Borges
R. Stephen Manuel
Ryan D. Duffy
Soort article
Medical students,
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The construct of calling has recently been applied to the vocation of medicine. We explored whether medical students endorse the presence of a calling or a search for a calling and how calling related to initial speciality interest. 574 first-year medical students (84 % response rate) were administered the Brief Calling Survey and indicated their speciality interest. For presence of a calling, the median response was mostly true for: ‘I have a calling to a particular kind of work’ and moderately true for: ‘I have a good understanding of my calling as it applies to my career’. For search for a calling, median response was mildly true: ‘I am trying to figure out my calling in my career’ and ‘I am searching for my calling as it applies to my career’. Mann–Whitney U (p < 0.05) results indicate that students interested in primary care (n = 185) versus non-primary care (n = 389) are more likely to endorse the presence of a calling. Students were more likely to endorse the presence of a calling rather than a search for a calling, with those interested in primary care expressing stronger presence of a calling to medicine.


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