Equipping future doctors: incorporating management and leadership into medical curriculums in the United Kingdom

Aniket Sonsale
Reshma Bharamgoudar
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Throughout their careers, doctors are likely to come across complex management and leadership scenarios that many would not have had prior training in. Expectations of doctors are rising and it is becoming increasingly necessary to be able to astutely handle a variety of situations. Medical curricula must reflect this change and adapt to include the teaching of key management and leadership skills. Despite budgeting pressures, the National Health Service continues to spend vast sums of money on external management consultants. The 2013 Francis Report stressed the need for better management skills and leadership, especially in doctors who were identified as the spearheads of change. This view is backed up by senior professionals who stress that by incorporating it into undergraduate curricula, doctors will be equipped with the skills to flourish in the future. The challenges of doing so must be highlighted, since the teaching of managerial and leadership concepts must effectively combine theoretical approaches with practical applications. Empowering students of today will enable them as tomorrow’s doctors to tackle the challenges of modern medicine


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