Design guidelines for assessing students’ interprofessional competencies in healthcare education: a consensus study

Albine Moser
Dominique M. A. Sluijsmans
Hester Wilhelmina Henrica Smeets
Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer
Soort article
Original Research
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Introduction Healthcare systems require healthcare professionals and students educated in an interprofessional (IP) context. Well-designed assessments are needed to evaluate whether students have developed IP competencies, but we currently lack evidence-informed guidelines to create them. This study aims to provide guidelines for the assessment of IP competencies in healthcare education.

Methods A qualitative consensus study was conducted to establish guidelines for the design of IP assessments using the nominal group technique. First, five expert groups (IP experts, patients, educational scientists, teachers, and students) were asked to discuss design guidelines for IP assessment and reach intragroup consensus. Second, one heterogeneous intergroup meeting was organized to reach a consensus among the expert groups on IP assessment guidelines.

Results This study yielded a comprehensive set of 26 guidelines to help design performance assessments for IP education: ten guidelines for both the IP assessment tasks and the IP assessors and six guidelines for the IP assessment procedures.


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