CONTeMPLATE—a mnemonic to help medical educators infuse reflection into their residency curriculum

Lawrence Cheung
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Curriculum development,
Curriculum implementation,
Reflective practice,
Residency education,
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Reflection, where clinical experiences are analyzed to gain greater understanding and meaning, is an important step in workplace learning. Residency programs must teach their residents the skills needed for deep reflection. Medical educators may find it difficult to construct a curriculum which includes the key elements needed to enable learners to attain these skills. When we first implemented reflection into our residency curriculum, we soon realized that our curriculum only taught residents how to engage in superficial reflection. Our curriculum lacked some key elements. To help guide the transformation of our curriculum, we combed the literature for best practices. The CONTeMPLATE mnemonic was born out of this process. It is a tool to help medical educators consider and implement key elements required to enable deep reflection. The purpose of this article is to show medical educators how they can use the CONTeMPLATE mnemonic to incorporate reflective practice into their own curriculum.


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