Adaptive expertise in teaching: when is it needed?

J.M.E. van Bruggen
UMC Utrecht
Context / probleemstelling of aanleiding


The context in which health professionals operate is complex and continually evolving due to technological innovations. This highlights the importance of health professionals engaging in continuous professional development and cultivating adaptive expertise in their respective fields. Which is not only a norm but also an essential condition for maintaining their professional license in health professions.

The constantly changing world has also shifted universities’ focus toward training students to become adaptive experts. To be able to guide students in this process, health professions educators need to develop adaptive expertise themselves. This aligns perfectly with the ‘dynamic state in which teachers are experts because they continuously adapt their routines to help their students learn in various and changing contexts in the best possible way’ (van Tartwijk et al., 2017).

To assess the current state and to help health professions educators in further developing adaptive expertise, we aim to develop scenarios of teaching situations that necessitate adaptive expertise.


By the end of this workshop:

Participants have a comprehensive understanding of current insights into the development of adaptive expertise.

Participants have considered potential situations in health professions education (HPE) that necessitate adaptive expertise and engaged in discussions with their colleagues.

Researchers have gained a deeper understanding of the extent to which challenging educational scenarios require teachers to exhibit adaptability as perceived by them.


Teachers with varying levels of experience, educational experts, and others involved in teaching and supervising learners.

Opzet: activiteiten en opbrengst:

After a brief introduction to adaptive expertise and our research objectives, participants will work in subgroups of 4 to rank (in a Q sorting grid) 23 caching situations cards based on the perceived level of required adaptive expertise. Following this task, we aim to identify situations that can serve as examples for scenarios to assess and train HP educators’ adaptive expertise through a plenary discussion on the perceived level of adaptive expertise needed in specific teaching situations.

Referenties (max 2.):

Tartwijk, J., Zwart, R. & Wubbels, T. (2017). Developing teachers’ competences with the focus on adaptive expertise in teaching. In The SAGE handbook of research on teacher education (Vol. 2, pp. 820-833). SAGE Publications Ltd,

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