PME Volume 7, Issue S1

May 2017 - jaargang 11

Het tijdschrift publiceert sinds 2012 één doorlopend deel (volume) en nummer (issue) per jaar. Artikelen worden beschikbaar gesteld zodra ze klaar zijn om onnodige vertragingen bij het openbaar maken van de inhoud te voorkomen.

Artikelen in deze editie

How not to put the O into an OSCE
  • AuteursTim Wilkinson
Lies, damned lies, and statistics
  • AuteursGeoff Norman
Crystallizations of constructs: Lessons learned from a literature review
  • AuteursMeredith E. Young
Let’s not talk about sex: Unexpected tensions in teaching women’s health
  • AuteursHelen J ReidJennifer L Johnston
They didn’t cover this in lecture: The formation and dissolution of the patient-provider relationship
  • AuteursKathryn S. Czepiel
  • AuteursBenjamin R. LewisGretchen A. CaseKarly A. Pippitt
Cultural competence and curricular design: learning the hard way
  • AuteursMary Kate WordenNassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne
Sometimes determination and compromise thwart success: lessons learned from an effort to study copying and pasting in the electronic medical record
  • AuteursJane P. GagliardiMariah J. Rudd
The bumps and bruises from turning a blind eye: Learning from our failures and surprises
  • AuteursAlisa NaglerLara Varpio
Simulation-based education: what’s it all about?
  • AuteursJennifer Cleland
How a needs assessment study taught us a lesson about the ethics of educational research
  • AuteursAnne McCarthyLara Varpio

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